The Karma Kings
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Karma Bios
Earle - Lead Vocals, Keys, & Percussion
Earle grew up with the rock music of the 60's and 70's. Although his early guitar playing and singing favored a more folksie acoustic sound, he could never shake that inner rocker screaming in his head. After a couple failed high school bands, he knew he would never play "House Of The Rising Sun" like The Animals, so he decided to devote his life to caring for animals and became a veterinarian. Not against self-medication, he relies on regular trips to Karaoke bars belting out Bon Jovi and Journey songs to keep the "voices" at bay. Earle can now put that all behind him and live out his rock and roll fantasy. When not singing, playing the occasional guitar chord, or beating up a tambourine with the "Kings", he can be seen performing in area musical theater, singing with the show choir "Showstoppers", or trotting around the Metro Parks on his horse.
Brian - Guitar & Vocals
Brian isn’t from around here, but here he is, and it looks like he’s staying for the long haul. He has played in a few bands around the Cleveland area but this would be his first bone fide cover-band. He suffers unfortunate and frequent GAS attacks - Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, that is, but appears to be immune to some virulent forms of the disease such as Gibsonitis and Rickenbackemia. As his playing in the band will attest, all those many, many classic guitar lessons really have gone to waste. When Brian isn’t determining his fate with the Kings, he tries to keep busy restringing and polishing his guitars and developing the modern-day version of the Bionic Man.
Tom - Drums & Vocals
For Tom, rotten to the core, it's all about the apples (and the occasional peach). When he isn't laying down some grooves in his private studio or playing with the "Kings", or "Unknown Reason", he can often be found pruning various groves of varietal fruit trees and maintaining his growing assortment of home-grown mechanical farm implements.  When the sap isn't rising - watch out, he'll be terrorizing the open road in Moby The-Great-White-Whale!
Jack- Bass & Vocals
After working his way up through the royal lineage, Jack has now been coronated as a King. Jack’s been involved with the local music scene for longer than he likes to admit, and has played with opening acts for a number of famous artists. He started his musical career with a cardboard cutout of a guitar after being inspired by a Beach Boys album. The cutout guitar was soon replaced with the real thing, purchased with paper route money. He quickly began annoying his parents and neighbors practicing Led Zeppelin, Cream, and Who bass lines at high volume from his bedroom. Jack succumbs to frequent “gear acquisition syndrome” (GAS) attacks as evidenced from his ever growing collection of guitars, basses, and amplifiers. When he’s not playing with the Kings, Jack is busy running his business selling industrial thingamajigs or riding his Harley.